Settling on the Atlantic coast of the Colombian Caribbean has turned us into absolute lovers of the tones and textures of our land.

Since childhood, sitting down to watch the Vía 40 filled with seas of people painting the city with the most representative colors of the carnival, opened up our view to a range of joyful colors that danced to the tune of Gaita macho while the breeze refreshed, wherever it could, the spaces of their skins exposed to the sun. Watching them dance, we understood that clothes accompany the soul in motion and the body in shape, but the magical touch is given by the love to accompany the moment.

This cultural contact is reflected in our brand. For Ananá is color, it is joy, it is youth. It is the freshness of the Caribbean Sea and its inspiration is the tropical nature, its imposing landscapes, its vibrant and exotic colors that make its regions vibrate, and its secret is simple: Tons of love and passion for what we do.